PEPTribeis a social media platform created with the average African youth in mind where users have fun, learn and earn simultaneously.

Users connect with one another and have fun by; adding friends, making posts, reacting to posts, commenting on posts, chatting on the messenger, finding love on Dconnect, watching videos on PEPTube, taking part in contest and challenges and lots more

Users can create groups, pages, post articles on the blog, start or partake in discussions on the forum, all within moral boundaries.

For most activities, users get paid in Activity Points (AP) which they can spend to get;
1. Airtime recharge.
2. Accumulate, convert to cash or bitcoin and withdraw.
3. Use for trading on the platform.
4. Buy raffle tickets.

Users can earn more by taking part in;
--Participating in daily WinWin contests
--Participating in weekly or monthly challenges
--Selling products for commission on iMerchant
--Clicking on links to earn AP on Click4Cash
--Claiming AP based on time-spent on TAPCash
--Participating in raffle draws
--Sharing posts on the Share2Earn